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Kona Cave's own Rockster Story

July 12, 2018

Our friends at took to Instagram to share their amazing story, and how Rockster Superfood changed their lives and made Kona a new Dog!   See their amazing post below, and check them out at:

konacave This is not an add

This is us sharing our story with you.

3 months ago Kona got sick out of nowhere. It quite literally happened overnight. After numerous different veterinary appointments (up to 3 x day), and much heartache, the general diagnosis was that he was just getting old and that there was nothing that could be done.
Although it is true, Kona has a few years on him, we absolutely refused to accept that there was nothing we could do for him.

Then we met Hector from The Rockster and it changed Kona’s (and our life). Hector explained what a Superfood dog food was and all the benefits of pre- and probiotics.

⭐️Kona was a new dog within 2 DAYS of starting Rockster. ⭐️ This is not an exaggeration. He was happy, energetic, and like his “old” self again.

Look at him now! He’ll be 15 in October, he has a passion for life and nothing slows him down. 🦄

We wanted to share our story so that we could help other dog families out there.

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Decoding DCM, Diet & Amino Acids

November 28, 2019

Are you confused about the current furore regarding DCM in dogs (Dilated Cardiomyopathy) and possible connections to diet, grain free diets in particular?!

So what is DCM? DCM is a heart disease that results in weakened contractions and pumping ability, often ultimately progressing to congestive heart failure.

There are numerous factors that may lead to the development of DCM; breed predisposition...

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Antioxidants: What Are They and Why Are They Important For Health & Longevity?

October 11, 2019

Rockster foods contain more antioxidant rich content than you would expect to find in a pet food. But what exactly is it that they do and why are they beneficial to health?


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Rocking Leake Street, Doggy Style…

October 19, 2018

We ROCKED the Doggy Style Market @ 26 Leake Street: London's largest indoor doggy market!


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